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Your dissertation is certainly the most important paper during your university or college time and therefore do not lose marks because of language mistakes. To ensure that your dissertation is the best we offer proofreading and editing services. We work to meet your deadline because we understand the importance of that paper. Our editors will make sure that your dissertation is correct, clear and consistent. When writing the dissertation there are some minor errors which you may not notice such as placing commas at the right place and even quotation marks.

At www.british-proofreading.co.uk we ensure that your work fetches the highest marks. We even check whether prepositions are used rightly and whether your choice of words is good. We also advise you on the correct formal tone when writing the dissertation.

Our editor's do not only proofread and edit your work but also give you good advice on how to become a better academic writer. The experts note your common mistakes and advise on the best way to avoid them. By choosing us you choose a PhD level editors who will assure you of quality service and a reasonable price. Our pricing model is negotiable for our dissertation services.

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