Manuscript Editing & Proofreading

Having completed your manuscript we know that you are excited and ready to publish. However, you must understand that behind every successful writer is a team of talented proofreaders and editors. Having spent a lot of time carrying out research and working on your manuscript makes you too familiar with your work that you may not even recognize mistakes or the areas you should improve. To be confident about submitting your manuscript to a journal, a publishing house or even a literary agency you need to ensure that it's each sentence has correct spelling, well punctuated and proper word choice.

By submitting your manuscript to us our editors and proofreaders start working on it immediately. The manuscript then goes through three stages which start with style revision. In style revision, our team checks the flow of the content and all the stylistic concerns. After then it goes through two sessions of proofreading where we check grammar, punctuation, and errors. Lastly, it's taken through revision tracking where we go through it again before finally emailing it to you. The best thing about our editors is that they are dedicated to their work and will complete the task within the agreed time.

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